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The following are some comments from our clients.
One of my job hunt mentors just gave the new resume a huge thumb's up. He said, "It sings!" Thanks so much! - Stephanie G.
"Greg Faherty, CPRW did a splendid job creating a very technical resume and cover letter for me, explaining all I've done and highlighting my abilities and accomplishments extremely well. In fact, Greg did so well that I get calls on a weekly basis from potential clients and employers from across the country wanting me to come work for them or do business with them as a freelancer. I continue recommending his services to my colleagues, and I highly recommend his resume services to anybody needing high quality, professional resumes to assist with their job search.Thank you again!"

- Wendy S., President,
"Wow! I am very impressed with the cover letter, direct and to the point. The resume is awesome! The format and the wording highlighted my talent, skills, and abilities in a way that will certainly set my resume apart from others; I am confident this was the intent, very well accomplished.Thank you for making me look good on paper."

- Shirley A., Chief Executive Officer

"Hi Greg, I just wanted to let you know that the updated resume not only landed me an interview, but I was offered the position just three days later! I start Monday. I had been trying to get into Human Services since I moved here to the New York North Country. I begin work on Monday.Thank you once again for the quick turn-around, the great resume document, thank you letters and the super customer service. I continue to spread the word about your fantastic services."

- Myra C., HR Manager
"Wow, Greg, I've reviewed the resume, cover letter, and thank you letter, and I am absolutely blown away. I completely understand all of the complementary reviews on your website because I found myself echoing pieces of them back to myself as I read your work ('with this resume, I'd hire myself', 'this is soooo worth the money'). I love the fact that you've fit everything onto a single page; the style and concise formatting of the resume really make it stand out and grab attention These are the greatest and easiest templates I've ever used. Thanks for making such a great product with so many options and comprehensive support info. I will be telling all my friends and family about your company!"

- K.J., Software Sales Executive
"Your work continues to pay dividends for me. This is the third time I've used your services, and I've recommended you to many of my co-workers and friends."

- Bret H., Senior Engineer
"This looks excellent. All I can say is, wow!"

- John F., Software Development Manager
"I was skeptical about purchasing a resume, but I have to admit it, this is a big improvement from my old resume."

- Wilkie H., Sales Executive

"Your cover letter has already landed me an informal meeting with a CFO regarding a Senior IT Manager position! Once again, great work!"

- B.K., IT Manager


This Letter is to express my appreciation for the excellent service that you and your firm have provided me. I was hunting for new work and sending out 250 to 350 resumes per month and getting very few, if any responses, even though I have many years experience and good references. I had been sending out my old resume continuously for 8 months when I had Mr. Faherty rewrite it for me.

Within 30 days of sending out my new resume package, I had 3 solid offers of which one I am presently happily employed by.

Mr. Faherty's package worked extremely well for me and helped me to land a better job for better money. The offers are still coming in. My family and I thank you, Mr. Faherty.


- Vincent Watson, Computer Engineer

"What can I say? I'm speechless! This resume is absolutely mind-blowing. It is clear and concise with a sweeping overview of my skills phrased in such an effective way that I truly believe this resume will live up to your promises. Overall, I'm convinced this is the best money I've ever spent on my career. I will be recommending you to everyone I know."

- S. Tucker, Technical Executive

"I got the job I wanted in three weeks! I can't say enough good things about 'A Perfect Resume...and More.' Thanks!"

- Vincent G., Sr. Systems Administrator

"I am happy to say that I have landed a new position as a geologist in only three weeks, and I owe it to you. Thank you again, and I will not hesitate to contact you if I need future resume help."

- Sincerely, Stephanie L., CO

"Best professional format I have ever seen."

- A. Sutherland, Manufacturing Manager

 "As soon as I started using my new resume the offers came flooding in. I received 5 or 6 e-mails a day requesting interviews."

- C.W., CA Sales Representative

"I was extremely impressed by the quality of the documents I received. I have gotten several responses already, and can honestly say that my resume was worth every penny!"

- Jeff Q., FL IT Support Manager
"I am glad that I took your advice to 'trust me.' I am extremely pleased and feel that the cost of your service was the best money I've spent in a long time. FANTASTIC job! I feel like you expressed my abilities and experience in a way that I never could. Many thanks."

- R.C. Brown, Operations Director
"My husband and I have both used 'A Perfect Resume...and More.' We contacted several other resume firms before deciding, and we are both completely satisfied."

- Laurel W., GA Marketing Executive
"Greg Faherty prepared a resume for me that exceeded all my expectations. I have recommended him to all my friends."

- Lee A., NY Television Producer
"Total satisfaction. Mr. Faherty created a resume that made me want to hire myself! I have already recommended him to my fiancÚ and several friends."

- Peter B., NY Web Developer
"I purchased resumes from two other companies and didn't receive a single interview. My resume from 'A Perfect Resume...and More' landed me a job in less than four weeks. I wish I'd found them sooner!"

- Cary L., CA Pharmaceutical Sales
"I've updated my resume twice through 'A Perfect Resume...and More,' and both times I obtained higher paying positions."

- John R., NY Sales Management
"I got two interview requests after using your resume for only 12 hours. That is two more than I received in three months of using my old resume. Thank you so much!"

- Brad S., IT Professional

"I had just graduated college and was looking for my first job. My new resume helped me get several important interviews with companies I was really interested in. The hiring manager told me that my resume really showed off my skills. I'm now working full-time at a company I love."

-  Crystal D., NJ Environmental Engineering

 "Mr. Faherty produced a fine document for me that was very effective in a highly competitive field. I couldn't have gotten this job without him."

- Jermaine L., SC Attorney

 "I have already been contacted by over a dozen recruiters. Thank you so much for your help."

- Soo-wong L., WA Research Scientist

 "What can I say? Excellent service, a fair price, and an outstanding document. I was nervous about using an American company, but Mr. Faherty displayed a strong knowledge of international curriculum vitaes. The documents I received were superior to anything my associates were using."

- Lloyd D., London, UK International Banking

 "I have been able to move up in my company twice thanks to resumes written by A Perfect Resume...and More."

- Carmen S., TX Financial Management

"My boss told me this was one of the best resumes he's ever seen!"  

- Bridgette H., MN Finance