Frequently Asked Questions

Is a professional resume really necessary?

Professionally prepared resumes produce two to three times as many interviews as documents prepared at home, by friends, or by "fly-by-night" resume companies. The more interviews you get, the better your chances of landing the job you want.

How does your process work?

Getting your new resume package couldn't be easier! We actually have several different options to meet your needs. If you already have an existing resume, simply submit it to us via e-mail or via our handy submission form. Be sure to include your contact information. You can either order a resume package, or submit your resume for our free analysis. We'll provide a list of areas that need improvement and a free price quote for our different packages. Once you have ordered your resume package, you'll be contacted by your writer, who will set up an appointment for a brief (30-45 minute) telephone consultation and forward a list of questions for you so you can prepare the information you'll need for the consultation. This is so we can gather the information we need to prepare the new resume package. After this step is completed, your new resume package will be sent to you within 5 business days!

What if I don't have an existing resume for you to evaluate?

No problem!

We'll send you a questionnaire and then additional questions via e-mail, and also arrange the consultation appointment.

What makes your resumes more effective?

Several things.

1.The individual attention you receive. Unlike many other resume companies, there is only one writer at Million Dollar Resume: Me, Greg Faherty. That means every client receives an individual, customized resume tailored to meet their needs. Other companies frequently use staff writers, foreign subcontractors, or "cookie-cutter" templates to produce their resumes. That's not going to help you rise above the crowd and get the interviews you need.
2.Proven results. As in, more than 12,000 resumes prepared with 99% customer satisfaction (see our Testimonials page). All our work is guaranteed with a free re-write of your resume and letter if you don't receive more interviews using our documents and job search methods. Other companies may offer money back guarantees, but in the end that doesn't help you get a job, you need a document that works! And we'll work with you to make sure it does.
3.The fact that unlike many other companies, we change with the times. We keep track of the formats that work and those that no longer do. Other companies often use outdated formats and vocabulary. We are up to date on keywords, scanning requirements, hiring manager preferences, and tired phrases. You want a resume that is fresh and designed to attract positive attention, and that's what we provide.
4.One word: Certification. The Certified Professional Resume Writer designation means that I have been trained in professional resume writing by the oldest certifying board in the industry. This certification requires industry knowledge, writing ability, and customer service skills at the highest levels. In addition, I am also a member of good standing in the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, and the National Writers Association.;

Is my information safe?

Confidentiality is vital in today's electronic age, and we pledge that your information remains with only us, and is never shared with any other companies or individuals. We will never provide your information to any other party. The same policy applies to your personal and billing information as well, and we use SSL security to ensure the safety of your transactions.  We do sometimes post sample documents on our site, but we always delete any personal information, including company names. 

What format will my resume be in?

Normally documents are prepared in Microsoft Word format, and sent as attachments to you via e-mail. 99% of HR offices and recruiters use MS Word on a PC, so that's why we do. And in order to avoid serious formatting glitches or readability issues, you should never send your resume as a PDF, Apple Doc, or any other format when you apply for jobs.

What if I need edits or changes to my new documents?

Revision is a key part of the resume preparation process. Frequently clients remember additional information after the first draft has been completed, or they have other changes they wish to make. That is why we give you unlimited edits for 30 days.  (Editing does not include adding new positions to the resume or changing the career search focus of the resume.)

How do I get started?

Simple! Either fill out our free analysis and price quote form or send us your old resume for a free analysis and guaranteed price quote. Or you can begin right away by purchasing one of our resume packages. Whichever way you choose, someone will contact you during regular business hours (M-F, 9am - 5pm, EST), either the same day or the next business day (depending on when you submit your resume for evaluation) to begin the next steps in the process.